Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Jakarta Fashion Week 2013 // Lee Cooper Fashion Show

Hello November! Jakarta Fashion Week 2013 were back! This year, JFW2013 was held at Plaza Senayan from 3 November - 12 November 2012. It was another huge success for Femina  Group to held this annual prestigious event. 

This year i came to see Lee Cooper fashion show at Fashion Atrium on Friday, 9 November 2012. If you are following Lee Cooper official twitter, you must be know that they are calling bloggers to the show and i am one of them, thanks to Lee Cooper! :) Here are some of the pictures i got from Image.net, the official website to download all gorgeous pictures from all runway show: 

And here are the pictures from my camera, took it secretly while watching the show *sstt! 

 I invited my two besties for sure; Rehana from Silver Scented and Saras 

I think i might need a special course to take runway photos with dslr since, as you can see in this post, i am  very bad on it.

With "BRITISH INVASION" theme, Lee Cooper collections are very inspired from British style, as we can see. UK flag on left arm on long sleeve top, another UK flag in outer and dresses. Love it! Who doesn't love UK things anyway :p Deep jeans color, Burgundy, and the sexy red pants ate very easy to match with your top in every color. Yes it is rainy season here in Indonesia but it doesn't mean we should wear jacket or sweater in dark color, pink ombre sweater is a good choice from Lee Cooper to brighten your outfit! Ombre things are everywhere, and Lee Cooper gives you more with their blue ombre shirt and dress. It was a great show and great collections!

Not just gave us a good show, they also gave this cool journal, ah thankyou!

Wondering what i wore to the show? I wore floral bustier for inner and black leather jacket with black bodycon skirt, a little bit out of my girly 'sweety' zone huh! And a touch of neon in my shoes :)

 Yes i cut my hair because it was growing too long and i am so stressed every time i see my hair fall

New Look floral bustier 

 ZARA crop leather jacket

Forever 21 pink neon heels