Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Gold Digger

Back to blogging world! I should write this post last week, but it's never too late to posting a new post right? :) I'm in love with bird pattern lately, and guess! I found this lovely birdy skirt at Alley 29 bazaar last July. It came in two colours; white and black. Maybe you can find more adorable items at TGIFashion HERE.


I paired the skirt with gold top, if you think that the top didn't comfortable, let me tell you, this top is one of my fave because it is really comfy to wear. Gold and pattern skirt, which one really caught your eye? :)

 We Love Closet by Flo Gold Top | Chloris necklace

 TGIFashion black bird skirt

 Noebi moustache ring | Bling gold ribbon ring

 Esprit watch

 LV bag 

And here some pictures from Alley 29 Bazaar at Plaza Indonesia, last 29 July 2012. Alley 29 Bazaar is a bazaar with more than 50 local brands and 10 bloggers, great event! Sorry for some blurry pics :(

 UP tree by Diana Rikasari

 June x Julia shoes!

 With the owner of ABOCS, Cath Soepadi

 She's so lovely and warm and sweet and I adore her much, Sonia Eryka

 Partner in crime, SilverScented haha!

There were a loooooots of pretty and lovely things at alley 29 bazaar and I feel like I want to grab them all! Looking forward for another blogger bazaar! :)

xo, Cia