Monday, June 25, 2012

Birds & Coral

Hello again to my quick post! It's Monday already and a huge relief, one of my project are being published to the market this week, phew! 

When i went for a window shopping last week, i found a crush with this chunky heels in pink coral from Forever 21. I usually have some difficulty in finding shoe size, since mine is 5, or 6 sometimes. But this one is 6 and fit me well! It reminds me of barbie shoe, actually. So here's my outfit wearing my new crush :)

 We Love Closet bird top

 LadyCandy skirt

 Bling bow ring | DIY red ring | New Look bracelet

Forever 21 Chunky Heels 

Then at night, chilling out at Pan & Barrell, a cafe at Crown Golf PIK. A quite small cafe with good atmosphere, especially to watch Euro Cup haha! 

Oh and fyi, the shoes are really comfortable to wears for hours! I had a great weekend, how about you? :)

Monday, June 11, 2012

Floral Fantasy

 A perfect sunny day to wear sleeveless dress! The morning i saw flowers blooming so pretty in my lil garden, makes me wanted to wear floral things. Well i actually had too much floral outfit in my wardrobe haha! Floral pattern is still my fave summer outfit so far, you can find it everywhere, lately UP, a shoe line by very famous blogger Diana Rikasari just launch a pretty floral wedges, you can find it HERE.

What i love about this dress is, i can tie a bow in the back of my dress, lovely! 

Talking about summer, my another fave summer outfit are shorts and mini dress, what's yours? :)

Monday, June 4, 2012


My quick outfit post, yeah writing this post while working and doing chapter 4 of my thesis, and later will go to meet my lecture, today gonna be hectic. I must graduate sooooon since i'm starting to lost my breath doing these all in a same time. 

Just simple outfit, pairing my pink collar top with the red-wine leather shorts. Now kinda boring with my stuff and planning to make my own diy soon :)

 Lady Candy Top

 New Look leather shorts

 Valentine Shop envelope clutch

 Noebi moustache double ring

New Look maryjane peep toe heels 

Today is still Monday but i'm wishing weekend to coming faster, can't wait to have another photoshoot! 

all photos taken by Rehana from SilverScented