Monday, May 21, 2012

Guess 30 Sexy Years

 Did you know? Guess is turning 30 this year and they hold a fabulous event! I was invited to Guess 30 Sexy Years blogger gathering at Senayan City last Saturday. Too bad i came late and missed the most important part ; styling competition :(  

In this event we can also get a make-up session by Revlon, nail polish treatment, and took photos in photobooth. Only took few photos before the event finished :(

 my blogger mate and photographer, Rehana from Silver Scented

Met BERTHA from The Dream Redemption ; a super cute coincidence, we were both wearing peplum in peach color haha 

a special thanks for GUESS and CosmoGirl for the invitation and the great event! 



  1. Hey dear thank you for dropping and comenting on my blog.
    Great are so lucky to be there.:)
    Love your peplum dress..and the color is so lovely.:)
    Following you back...xoxo

  2. You look so lovely Valencia! I wish I look as good as you do in pink! Thanks for being my 300th follower btw, following you back x misstea & co.

  3. the sweetest girl last Saturday night goes to youuuu <3
    sehati banget ya pake peach peplum padahal nggak janjian hehhhe


  4. great peplum!

  5. love your coral pelpum dress!

    xo Nav

  6. gorgeous dress!!love ur hair as well Ciaaa!

  7. Love your dress! Looks like a fun event! xoxo

  8. Wow, looks like you had a great time! Loove your dress :) Thanks for following me, I'm gonna follow you back <3

    -Samantha Mariko

  9. Love your dress so much !! In case you had missed it: at the moment Im giving opportunity to all bloggers to be a part of my blog, with sponsoring. All you have to do is to choose size of an add you want, buy it, send me your add, and then you are just waiting for new readers on your blog. Who doesn't want a little promotion ?
    Thank you for following me, now Im following you back :)

  10. Wow I super adore ur dress! U look so lovely!: ))

    By the way, please join my first ever Blog Giveway! :))



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