Thursday, November 17, 2011

Esmod Jakarta Fashion Show on JFW 2012

It's been the 3rd time Esmod joining Jakarta Fashion Week. Lucky me, i got the front row seat so i can captured some nice photos :D

This year Esmod presents 9 designers, they are:
Z et S by Zico Halim & Sherry Kandou
Nuguwigii by Angelina Juanedi
Mr. Lover & Mrs. Loather by Dinda Adjani
Rebecca Marsauli
Kaisara by Tengku Faradina
Sisca Tjong
Linda Maryani
Afriyanti Tan

I really love the wedding gowns by Sisca Tjong! It was really beyond imagination. And check out the shoes, uber cool! Well lets just enjoy the photos :)

The Shoes!!!!! -by eclair



  1. wow i love the outfits! very awesome fashion show. all the clothes are exceptional!

  2. Wow!! These gowns are gorgeous!!


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