Thursday, November 17, 2011

Diagramma by Yogie Pratama & Soko Wiyanto 2011/2012 Collection

On the same day with Mango fashion show, i was also attending Diagramma show by Yogie Pratama and Soko Wiyanto. Both of them are firends with opposite style of design each other, what i love was their collections are wearable.

Yogie's design was inspired by 1950's women, elegant, and glam. The theme of his design was "Drama". Besides night gowns, there's also a wedding gown which is soooo fab! 

Yogie Pratama got lotssssss of bouquet!

Moving to Soko Wiyanto, his design dominated with red and black colours, and inspired by butterfly. All of his design was stunning! Check out some pics : 

Soko Wiyanto, he also got lots of bouquet! 

I will post more details later, since now i'm at office and preparing to go to JFW day 6 :D
Sorry for standard quality pictures as i'm not allowed to use SLR :(



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