Thursday, August 5, 2010

Pitbull Live in Concert Jakarta 2010

i should post this on May but, umm..yeah as i said i been busy hahaayy..

Well its kinda hard to get the ticket, presale 1 sold in 15 mins, followed by presale 2, and finally i got the ticket from presale 3, with Rp.350.000 for tribune, phewww!!

Pitbull live in concert Jakarta was held at Tennis Indoor Senayan, 12 May 2010. There were DJ (not so interesting) outside the hall to entertain ppl who waiting for the concert. I came there ard 7pm with my friends, Saras n Livia, with her bf, Hendra.
Here's the crowd before the concert started :

Concert started at 8pm, with opening act by Saykoji, hoahhmmm, he sang his hits single like Jomblo, Online..hoahmmm
Then ard 9.46pm, PITBULL came up to the stage!!! geez the atmosphere getting hotter! Started with 'Across the world' and other songs from Rebelution album, he was totally freaking us out!
Especially when he sang 'I Know u want me' wohooooo evrybody dance n sing together!
He ended the concert with songs 'Krazy', which made us goin crazy!! What a super great performance by Armando! err althou only 1 and half hours :)

Here's some pics of his krazyyy performance :

and some pics of me & frens tooo...haha

Tired wednesday, but full of fun and super energic atmosphere! cheers, cia :)