Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas 2010!!

This year chrsitmas eve was the besssttt christmas eve i've ever had!! Because i spent my xmas eve with my lovely bf, and his family. We went to church together, then it was 12 am, exactly 25dec, and i was still with him, we celebrate christmas together :D

How i wish i could also go to church with my fam.. papi mami and my lil bro..

Well i'm sending you my best wishes for a Bright and Beautiful Chrsitmas bloggers!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Short trip to Singapore

Been tired of school, assignments and exams, suddenly me and my friends decided to escape from our routinity and chillin' out for a while, and the nearest destination to had fun was.. Singapore! lol

So the first week of this month, i went there, from 7 till 11 december. Yeah i went back to indo at 11, yea yea yea when ZOOKOUT started, i went home...hahaha (not so interested to come haizz)

Cannot describe much abt whatever i did when i was there, but here are the most : eat and shopping. I'm soooo lacked of sleep.. maybe thats why i lost my voice for abt a week after return home *sigh

Well i also visited Universal Studio Singapore for sure, took a pic with a huge Universal logo behind (just like everyone did when they come to uss) haha

Then played some games, but the most "a-must-try" games at USS is The Mummy! wohooo!! Really pumped ur adrenaline! Also i recommend you to visit Light, Camera, Action! by Steven Spielberg at Hollywood area, it was really cool! :D

Everyday i went to orchard, shopping till drop! This year's theme is "Christmas with love" hooo so thats why there's lots of pink lights and decorations :)

Also visit Marina Square to take some good pics with friends, narcist time!!

Now thinking to have another trip, any idea bloggers? :)

Monday, November 1, 2010

Be ready for Jakarta Fashion Week 2010/2011!

Jakarta Fashion Week is coming soon! Will be held at Pacific Place Mall Jakarta, on 6-12 November 2010.

More information, visit JFW Facebook page or the official website

For all fashionista, don't miss it! :)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Chunky Knitted Scarf

It’s that festive time of the year again. Halloween is just around the corner, thoughts of Thanksgiving are already filling our heads, and the December holidays will soon take over our schedules (and shopping bags).

During this time, all we want to do is eat, smile, and relax while drinking hot chocolate by the fire.

There may not be many cozier thoughts than these when it comes to the holidays, but there is something that comes in at a close second: the chunky knitted scarf!

Whatever you choose to pair it with, this heavily threaded piece will become a fast favorite on cold days.

Try wearing it with a sleek A-line coat and skinny jeans. The chunky scarf wrapped multiple times around your neck will also draw attention to your pretty face.

So have fun with knits and shape this season, and don’t be afraid to go extra oversized or extra colorful.

credits to @Fashion_spot

Read more: Look of the Moment: Chunky Knitted Scarf The Fashion Spot

Friday, October 15, 2010

Karla, The Inspiration

One of my inspiration about fashion blog is Karla, she got looootss of follower on her blog, i really adore her.. haha :)

Start blogging since 2008, now she had more than 350 posting. Mostly filled up with her latest pic, wearing unique shoes, nice dress, and very nice mix and match! She also sometimes write about fashion event, and selling shoes, dress, and all of that were sold out in a short time!

Here are some pics from her blog :

Want to see more? follow her on her blog :


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Paris Fashion Week 2010 - LV model was TOPLESS!

Paris Fashion Week, 6th October 2010.

For the latest collection of spring and summer, Marc Jacobs, Creative Director Louis Vuitton showed up with lots of colours and motif. Started from light colour to dark colour, and from floral to animal print.

Well, Marc Jacobs certainly knows how to make a statement. For the closing look of his Spring 2011 collection for Louis Vuitton, Jacobs walked a topless down the runway.

While at first glance, the tow-headed stunner certainly seemed to be wearing a shirt, closer inspection revealed that the sparkly, zebra-print top was made of body paint. A couple zooms in and you can even see where it smudged onto the waistline of her pants.

The gray hair model, Kristen McMenamy, is an american model. She is known for her unconventional, androgynus appearance.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Pitbull Live in Concert Jakarta 2010

i should post this on May but, umm..yeah as i said i been busy hahaayy..

Well its kinda hard to get the ticket, presale 1 sold in 15 mins, followed by presale 2, and finally i got the ticket from presale 3, with Rp.350.000 for tribune, phewww!!

Pitbull live in concert Jakarta was held at Tennis Indoor Senayan, 12 May 2010. There were DJ (not so interesting) outside the hall to entertain ppl who waiting for the concert. I came there ard 7pm with my friends, Saras n Livia, with her bf, Hendra.
Here's the crowd before the concert started :

Concert started at 8pm, with opening act by Saykoji, hoahhmmm, he sang his hits single like Jomblo, Online..hoahmmm
Then ard 9.46pm, PITBULL came up to the stage!!! geez the atmosphere getting hotter! Started with 'Across the world' and other songs from Rebelution album, he was totally freaking us out!
Especially when he sang 'I Know u want me' wohooooo evrybody dance n sing together!
He ended the concert with songs 'Krazy', which made us goin crazy!! What a super great performance by Armando! err althou only 1 and half hours :)

Here's some pics of his krazyyy performance :

and some pics of me & frens tooo...haha

Tired wednesday, but full of fun and super energic atmosphere! cheers, cia :)